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Helena Exotic Car Rental Limousine Service,"L.L.C." uses Bentley, Maserati, Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Maybach 57S, and Cadillac Limousines to transport our passengers. These exotic high end vehicles are redefining the limousine industry and can often match the taste, purpose and occasion our customers deserve.


Planning a professional photo calendar or video shoot, experience a taste of back to the future; but very much in the present. Delorean is a great backdrop for still photos.


In nee​d of transportation for a small group; the Sprinter seats 10 capacity and plenty of room for luggage and carryalls.  Perfect for bridal party and prom. High ceilings with room for those of NBA statue.   Ride in comfort to your special event. 


 For those seeking an executive luxury sedan, Cadillac is just that.  Beautiful interior, Leather seats, plenty of room.  Excellent choice for a pick up from the airport or drop off at a business meeting.  Cadillac contiues to set the standard.


An Icon of  Italian elegance. A beautifully designed luxury executive sports sedan known for its handcrafted embroided leather interior and ferrari engine. Sit back and enjoy the ride. 


The ultimate in modern luxury. Simply known as a beautiful machine. Its design and craftsmanship is timeless. Perfect for a wedding proposal.


Often compared to Rolls-Royce; but yet in a class of its on. It is one of the worlds most luxurius vehicles. 57 inches of rear leg room for exceptional comfort. Equipped with rear and side curtains for privacy. Beautifully designed interior. Ride off into the sunset in shear elegance and extreme comfort from your wedding to your getaway. 

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