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Helena Exotic Car Rental Limousine Service, "L.L.C", wants you to fully enjoy your experience.  Please find our payment terms and conditions below:


All contracts require a 25% deposit of the total and deposits are non-refundable.  All  contracts are required to be paid-in-full seven (7) days prior to your event.  Balances may be paid by cash, personal check, certified check or credit card.


There is a 72 hour-cancellation policy. Cancellations are not valid over the phone and must be in writing and signed by the person named on the contract. The cancellation must be hand delivered, mailed, faxed, or emailed as a scanned, signed copy.

Credit Cards

A credit card is required to be listed on all contracts. By signing the “Credit Card Authorization” listed on your contract, you authorize us to charge the credit card for the amount listed. You also authorize us to charge the credit card for any and all overtime which may incur on the day of your event. The rate in which overtime is charged is listed on the contract next to the vehicle on the line “Overtime per Hour."

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